What We Can Offer

At Tieme Ndo, we promise every rural farmer convenient and timely access to improved farm inputs and technologies that doubles crop yield annually without capital requirements. It is a collaborative effort to achieve Zero Hunger! No Poverty! We stop at nothing to ensure we deliver our promises to our clients.

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Our Core Services


In the bid to transform smallholder farmers into semi-commercial farmers and agripreneurs, Tieme Ndo empower farmers to take advantage of business opportunities along the agricultural value chain through SAD (Small Agribusiness Development). The aim of SAD is to train farmers on entrepreneurship and value addition.

Credit Extension Package

CEP is our innovative package that eliminates the capital constraints limiting farmers ability to increase crop productivity and the adoption of improved farm technologies. With our CEP, farmers access fertilizers and seeds when they most need it at their convenience. They receive training and field extension to enforce appropriate usage of inputs and implementation of good agricultural practices. Without markets, farmers are less motivated to increase production – linking farmers to favorable markets is our topmost priority.

Food Security

We understand the importance of food security and the need for a society to be stable enough to sustain itself – at least, as far as food is concerned. That is why Tieme Ndo goes at length to assists rural farmers to access quality farming inputs in a timely manner. With this strategy, farmers can improve their yield by harnessing these inputs, and food remains available, accessible, utilizable and stable.

Farmers' Cooperative

Multitude they say is strength, at Tieme Ndo, we believe in the power of numbers. Hence, we have designed a formidable structure which enables the farmers to leverage on the power of numbers through our farmers' cooperative society. Farmers who enrol in the Cooperative program have more opportunities to more loans and assistance within the cooperative society.

Hear What Our Happy Clients Say

I was once a disbeliever myself. I didn't believe the stories I was told about Tieme Ndo by a colleague. I finally decided to give it a try and boom the story changed for good.

Kofi Akwasi

Avartar of a testifier
Avartar of a testifier

I can't thank Tieme Ndo team enough for delivering me from wasted labours after several years of bad farming practices. Tieme Ndo did not just empower me with loans and farm inputs, they were always there to ensure the resources were used appropriately. Thank you a million!!!

Adwoma Awesi

If I have all the time, I'd spend it telling the whole world how Tieme Ndo transformed me from subsistence farmer to a commercial farmer through mechanization. I had large expanse of land but hadn't enough manpower and labour to explore the land resources fully, Tieme Ndo came in and provided loans and machineries. Now I'm one of the major exporters of rice in Ghana.

Kobe Yoofi

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